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White “Americans” should go back to Europe

They don’t belong here. This is Indian territory. If they want to live here, then they should immigrate according to the laws of the Indian nations that rightfully own this continent.

Black people don’t belong here either, but it’s not their fault, since they were brought over by force. They shouldn’t be punished for it, so they should work out some deal with the Indians that would allow them to stay. For instance, maybe they could become the spiritual successors of one of the First Nations that has no living heirs because of the white man’s genocide.

Most Latinos are part Indian, and there’s no use splitting them up based on how Indian they are, so they should be allowed to stay. But they should stop speaking Spanish, because that’s the colonizers’ language.

Non-Latino white “Americans” who are part Indian can stay if and only if they are eligible to become members of an existing Indian Tribe or Nation. No, your family story about how great-great grand-pappy married an “Indian Princess” doesn’t count. Princesses and other royalty could only exist in a culture as oppressive as the white man’s.

Asians and anyone else who immigrated according to the white man’s law are colonizers as well, so they should go back where they came from, or back to Europe with the other colonizers.

How will this work?

If you’re white and you respect the sovereignty of the Indian Nations, then you should voluntarily return to your ancestral homeland in Europe by any means available. You may be considered an illegal immigrant by the law of the country you return to, but you should still go, as you are already illegally occupying land in America. If you are a “citizen” of the so-called “United States of America,” you will likely be able to enter most European countries without a visa once world travel returns to normal after the pandemic. You will be expected to leave after a short time, but you should stay until you are physically removed or you are able to find another country outside the North American continent that will accept you.

If you’re not willing to go voluntarily, then you should be deported when the Indians resume their rightful control of the continent. Some of you will go in planes, but most will be sent across the Atlantic in ships, as this is the most efficient way to transport huge numbers of people.

For the convenience of the transportation industry and the European nations which will be taking you in, white people will be expelled from the continent gradually, over a period of two decades, meaning that about 10 million white people will return to Europe each year, with pregnant women receiving priority. You will be permitted to take any personal property which can transported, but any land or immovable property must be sold to an Indian, or it will be seized when you leave.

Where in Europe should I go back to?

Determine which country you should go back to according to the following rules, ordered by precedence.

What will the Europeans think?

Obviously, this would lead to lots of people who aren’t citizens and probably don’t even speak the language showing up in European countries. Some Europeans might not like it. Too bad for them! That’s what they did to the Indians when they sent their countrymen to America, so it serves them right.

It will be up to the European countries to decide how to handle all the returning “Americans.” They could accept them as equal citizens, or they could put them in special integration camps, or they could ship them off somewhere else, as long as it’s not America. I don’t care, but America is Indian territory.