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Ash Ketchum is a porkemon trainer who want got to catch them all but not todat because he want to impress his gf mistey so she will go out on him for a date.

“I will not on a dare with you ash ketchum because you ruined our bike.”Oh no she won’t go on an date with me what will I do said ash."

He was talking to Brock whose a series lady man. He sends lots of time working out the gym so that’s why they cll him the gym leader. Ash wanted his advice on what to do to do to get Missy to go an date with him because brock is a ladies man who gets lots of dates so that’s why ash asked him that.

"Ash you should get her a gift gills like that said brok. Ok but what should i get her.

You should probable get her a pokemon everyone loves pokemon especially mistie because shes a pokemon trainer and so are we so you can porbably get her a pokemon and shell like it.

So ash went to get a pokemon because he wanted to get mist a pokemon so that he could give it to her asa gif so she would go on a date with ash so he went to the tall grass because that’s wher pokemon go so people can catch them all. So ash tried to cache the pokemon but he couldn’t because he forgot to bring pikatshu with him nd you need to thundershok a pokemon before you can put it in your poketball. So ash went back to vermidian city to get pikachu but he couldn’t find him.

His l eggs where shaking because he was really scared that he wanted to get mistee a pokemon menwhile brok was at the gym and missy was fighting lootenant sargent to try and get the lightning badge.

“Go starmie” she said but then covered her moth because lt sargent set out a pikatchu which is good against starmie ut that’s not why she covered her mouth she did that because pikachu belongs to ash.

“That’s my pikachu” said ash because he was wandering all around verdimian cidy loking for picachu and couldn’t find him so he went to go wathc mity fighting general sarge at the pokemon center.

No I bought pikachu myself it’s not you’re pikachu. But actually it was because it turned out that team rocket had stole picatchu and sold him to loutenent sarge because he kept shocking them with his electricit. So ash told pikachu to return and turned into red and then lt sarge lot the fight because he didn’t have pokemon anymore so mitsy got the electric bagde.

Wow thank you for giving me the electricty badddge said misty I think I will go on a dat with you now but they couldn’t go on adate because there was a snore lax sleeping on the doormat of the pokemoncenter and they couldn’t wake him up because he only had one bage so they had to wait 5 hours and then snorlacks got up and left so they could get out but it was to late to go on a date because it was time to go to the pokmon league. so missty and ash went to go to the pokemon league

brok didn’t want to come because he was already a gim leader but he changed hi mind becaus he wanted to go with ash and miss T to the pokemo lwague. but then he saw gary oak. authors not actual his name is blue but everyone calls him gary oak because he’s the son of Professor Pokemon. So he sent out a pokemon author notes I don’t know what his pokemon is because it doesn;t show it in the show probably because the cartonists didn’t watch the game all the way to the end to see what pokrmon he’ll have.

“Wow” thats a strng pokeymon said ash you’re right it is said gary oak and then he said smell you later becaue thats his cat phrase. Then ash sent out pikachu and used thundershck but gary oak just blocked it with his own thundershok so the attack was a tie. You won’t be that licky at the pokemon league next mont said ash and gary oak said smell you later again.

since the attack was a tie that ment that their was not champagne to rule the poketmot world so all the pokeyball stopt working. this was a big problem because pitchaku and starmie and hotmonlee and all of ash;s other pokemon ran away so he couldn’t be a pokemon trainer anymore but tht was okey because he could still work at the pokemon store.

Hairy Potter

Hairy Potter is a 16 year old boy who lives in a farm in London, England. His parents are named Petunia and Vermin Dursley. He also has a cousin Dudly who lives in the farm to. Their very mean to him and make him work in the farm 10 hours a day and then go to school at saint Peter Pettigrews school for Incredibly Curable boys, just because he blew up Aunt Petunia.

One day hairy was out in the farm lands working, when he heard a knock on the door. Vermin went over to answer it and it was Dummeledore! He rowed up on his flying motersicle and barged into the house.

“Your a wizard hairy” said Dummeldore.

“Now see hear” said hairy’s mom, but dummeldore pointed his umbrella at her and turned into a pig.

“Of course you all know about hogwarts? Whered you think you’re parent’s learnt it all?” I’m not paying 100 dollars a year so some long beard man can teach himself magic tricks" said hairy’s dad, but Hagrid picked up his gun and benned it in halve."

Your not going to send me to Alkatraz, are you said hairy?" Of course not, we don’t send people to alkatraz just for blowing up there moms. said dummeldore.

Then their next door neighbor Mrs. Friggle, whose a squid, came over and turned into a cat.

The first thing you’ll need is to go to Proffesor Oliver Anders to get yourself a wand.

But I don’t have any money. Don’t worry, I’ve got some right hear.

Than dummeldor took off his turban, and on the other side was Severus Snake!

HA HA. It was I who killed you’re parents!

Hairy and Ron and Hermoine screamed.

aharva kardiva said Dummeldore, and green smoke shot out of his eyes. But hairy reached for his wand and said “expel ye arms, us,” and orange smoke shot out of his eyes. The smoke stuck together and turned into yellow, and a pheenix named fox came back to life.

Don’t you understand snake, I became master of the elder wand when I defeated draco mouth boy in the quiddich house cup.

Curses, foiled again, said voldy more, then he got back in dummeldore’s flying car and flew back to hogwarts.

Then harry called up Fugue, whose the king of magic in england.

Your highness, I was attacked by dummeldore himself on my way to school! This is proof that he’s back from the dead!

But fugue said “no hes not still alive that’s why I appointed severus snake to be the principal of hogswart”

But your highness, snake IS voldey mort! I saw it inside his turban.

Your just confused because he’s a lady now and changed his name to umbrich. You shouldn’t juge people just on how they dress. Also don’t forget to show up for you’re hearing. It says in my time turner that your using magic outside of school.

Hairy gulped.

All in favor? Eye All out of favor? Neigh.

GUILTY said the judge. Then hairy was sent to alkatraz! A demon tried to eat his brain, but he used his patronize spell to get rid of it, then he escaped and flew back to hogwarts.

Late are you, 5 points from griffensdoor said professor McCornial, so slytherin won the house quiddich cup!

Dummeldore clinked his spoon on his glass of milk.

“Attention everone. I’d like to introduce our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher: professor Voldey Mort!”

“What a suprise?” said Hermoine.

Then it was time for the sorting hat.

“I suppose ravenclaw wouldn’t be too bad. Said Hermione but the sorting hat said”Griffenodre""

When it was harries turn to be sorted he said “Not slytherin, not slytherin” so the sorting hat put him in ravenclaw so he said “Not ravenclaw not ravenclaw” so the sorting hat put him in huffelledpuff so he said “not huffledpuff not huffledpuff” ao the sorting hat gave up and he want to griffendore by de fault.

Draco mouth boy didn’t even half to be put on the hat it just said “slythering” as soon as it was his turn.

“Ron” was already in Griffendore because he was a weasel.

Then hairy ron and hermoine went to the griffenhood boys dormitory to sleep.

The Lord of the Rings

Billy Bob Baggins is a Hobo who lives in knew hampshire. one day his friend dummeldore came over to his underground treehouse to smoke cigarres together. They blew smoke rings in each others face. Then dummeldore took one of the rings and said “This is the one ring to rule all of them.”

“Ok.” Said billy.

So they put the ring inside the fire and then spanish appeared all over it.

From that day on, billy was the richest hobo in new hamshire! So he could afford to buy an underground treehouse, which is what hobos live in.

The next day they’re was a party, and dummeldore and his son Frobo were both their. “Uncle billy, your very old for a hobo you’re own age.” Then billy shoed Frobo his ring.

This ring is my preshious. "said billy.

No! it must be buried in moore’s door.

Gandelf agreed.

Then seven dwarves nocked on the dore and came in. The biggest of the dwarfs was dummeldore! Then they all sung a song that went like this:

We are the dwarves
We live indoors
We go to work
Where we do work
High ho
and so
We are the dwarfs

When they were singing, they dropped lots of plates on the floor. Snow white was their, but she had already been turned ugly by the evil witch.

Then one of the dwarfs got up on the table and said “I forgot my axe!” and then another dwarf said “and my axe!”

So the dwarfs went home because they had no axes. Except they didn’t have a home anymore because a Pterydactyl named Smug ate it, so they all died.

“We have to go to the mountain to feed the ring to Smug!” said Frobo. So he and dummeldore and the dwarfs and snow white and Gandelf walked to the mountain. On top of the mountains was a big red eye made out of fire. But bobo forgot his hankie so they had to go back to new hampshire.

On the way back, they met an elf named striper and a monster named Bomb Tombadill, who came with them. They got in a fight with a thousand ogres and wolfs, but billy bobo won because he had a sword that made them turn into stone, so the ogres couldn’t hurt them.

Meanwhile, dummeldore was talking to another dummeldore named sorry man. They were the same except that the original dummerldore had on a hat. Sorry man was jellus so they got in a fight! Dummerldore shot lazers out of his hands and the other dummeldore fired rockets out of his mouth. They were both flying, but not on broomsticks because only girl wizards do that. Authors note: do they ride broomstick’s if there gay? If you know, please email me at cooltraner100 at aol dot com. In the end, dummeldore won, so he made dummeldore switch places with him.

Frobo was underground. With him was a zombie named named Golem. They were having a riddles contest.

“What do you call an American in the bathroom?” said Frobo? Only three guesses.

Golem put his hand in his head and said “I don’t know?”

“Your-a-peein!” said Frobot. So Golem gave him the ring. When he put on the ring, he disappeared! And that was the end of Frobo.

Dummeldore and the dwarves were sailing to riversdale in barrels. When they got their, it was full of elfs. Elfs live forever and look like women and can control fire ad read minds, but they have one weekness: if you stop believing in them, they die! So dummeldore and the seven dwarfs held hands and said “I don’t believe in elfs! I don’t believe in elfs! I don’t belief in elves.”

But it didn’t work.

When they got back to hamshire, Frobos treehouse was for sail!

Now see hear! he said, but it was to late. Sauron had already bought it!

“You can still live hear, but you’ll have to pay rent said sauron.”

“Ok.” Said Billy.


Mario and Luigi are plumbers and live inside Italy. It’s a me, mario.

One day there eating spaghetti. Mario is in love with Princess peach. He asked a toad for help. “You’re princess in a castle.” said the toad.

Mario decided that he could go to a castle. There are castles in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is where Italy is, and Japan. He started walking ot the other side of the screen.

Uh oh. A gumbo!

The gumbo had big fans and eyebrows. He was coming right towards him! But Mario is not a toad, and he is not a koomba. He can jump high. So he did that.

The gumbo is dead. Mario ate a mushroom and got big. When mario reached the end, he jumped on the flag and it went down there was a new flag instead. It is a star flag, because Mario is an alian NOT communist.

Meanwhile, Lugio was eating Spaghetti.

Next mario did the level where he swims in the seashore, and the one where he jumps over the mushrooms and slides into the pipe.

Finally he was at the castle.

Hello Princess Peach, he said. Its a me Mario.

But the princess was not there. It was just a toad. “The princess is not in the castle” siad the toad.

Oh no.

But then Mario had an idea. When he was baby Mario, his Mom (Mrs. Mario) read him a story about a prince who turned into a toad when he was kiss.

So mario leaned into the toad and have him a big kiss.

But it didn’t work.

If you want me to turn into princess peach, just ask me to turn into her. Then he turned into princess peach.

Oh, said Mario.

Then Browser, the king of the Koombas, stole the princess peach with his flying helicopter.

Mario cannot fly, but he can jump high. He jumped at the Helicopter.

“You cannot stop me” said King Koomba"

I will. Said Mario. Then he shot fireballs out of his eyes. But fireballs do not hurt Browser. He turned into skeletons.

“I will eat princess peach, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.” He ate her. Then his stomach started making car engine noises. He turned into the toad.

“I told you!” said the toad.

Are you really princess peach? Said Mario.

No one was fly the helicopter anymore, so it want into space.

Mario jumped on a star and started using it as a surfboard. The toad turned back into princess peach and then used his umbrella to fall back onto earth.

“We need to rescue mario!” she said. Luigi was the only once listeneing, but only with one ear because he was eating spaghetti with his other.

But how will we get into space? King Koomba still has the helicopter.

We will have to build are own. Said mario. So they got to work. They made the engine out of lasagna and the cockpit out of penny pasta and the rudder out of linguini and the spinny part out of spaghetti. Then luigi sat into the helicopter and turned it on. It started making a vroom sound and then the spinny part started working and the want into the sky.

We’ll get you! Said luigi.

“You’ll never stop me!” said Browser. Mario started firing fireballs out of his eyes, but browser made them turn around with his koomba magic. The helicopter was on fire!

Oh no. Said mario.

We have to eat the helicopter before it burns up! Said mario and luigi.

They at as much as they could, but it was too much.

Then the toad becomes King Koomba. He started eating the helicopter, and it was all done.

Curses, foiled again, said King Koomba. He escaped in his airplane.

We did it! Said princess peach.

Ok. Said mario.

Then they ate spaghetti.


One day, spongebob squaredpants was living in a pineapple under the sea. “Who does he think he is” said squidward. Then he hatched a plan.

Spongedbob was inside his pineapple feeding kraably patties to a snail. Then a knock on the door happened. “I’m ready” said spongedbob, because that is his model.

When he was on his way to the door, spongedbob tripped and fell over. He was dead. Squidward’s plan worked!

The krusty Krab was very sad because spongebod was his frycook. He had to hire patrick instead. Who’re you calling pin-head? “Said Patrick”.

Then a fishman came into the Bikini Bottom to order a Krably paddy. I would like a krably paddy, he said. So patrick started making on. He took to pairs of buns and put them between a paddy and lettice.

That is not the right way to make a crably patty! Said the crusty crab.

I did not know. Said patrick. The fish was sad so he left. Then plankton walked in.

I also do not know how to make a krably patty said plankton. But no one could here him because he is small. So the Krustly Krab showed patrick how to make a crably patty, but plankton saw it to.

The next day, the plankton bucket had a sign on its door that siad “Krably Patties.” Oh no.

All the fishmen went to the Chump bucket, because spongedbob was not in the Bikini Bottom anymore. Sandly the squirrel also went, and so did Mrs. Puff and Mermaid Man and Barnickle Boy, and Squidward, and spongebob and patrick, and the Man-Ray, and Pearl the teenage wail, and sandy te squirrel, and the police-fish, and the Krusty Krab.

Plankton’s wife is a computer, because he is married to her. He said “I am happy” because I am making so many krably patties. The computer, his wife, said “Ok.”

“We have to stop this from happening said the Krusty Krab.”

“Your right” said “Patrick.” But how do we do it.

“We have to bring back Spongebob”

So they went looking for Spongebob. They brough Sandy the squirrel with them because she is from Arkansas. They looked under all the rocks under the sea. But spongebob does not live under a rock.

Then Patrick had an idea. “We should look under the pineapple’s” he said. So they looked under all the pinapples. And there was spongebob!

Spongedbob! We need you to come back to the Bikini Bottom so that you can make Krably Patties.

Ok said spongebob.

The next day, the Bikini Bottom had a sign on front of it’s door that said “Krably patties.”

But it did not matter. The fish men prefred the Chump bucket. So the Krusty Krab had to sold the Bikini bottom to plankton. Patrick had no more jobs, so he moved in with sandly the squirrel. Spongebob got a job with Mrs. Puff boating the fish to boating school. And squidward. Poor squidward. He would rule the day he killed spongedbob. He had to become a clarinet, and could not be a casher anymore.

Democratic Debate

“Welcome to the Democratic debate, were we will decide the next President of the governent.” said the question man. "The candidates will say Hi.

“Hi,” said Burney.
“Hi,” said Camala Harris.
“Hi,” said Jow Biden
“Hi,” said John Hickenplooper
“Hi,” said Pete Buttjudge
“Hi,” said Hillarly
“Hi,” said Andy Yang
“Hi,” said Mr. Sanders
“Hi,” said Coorie Booker
“Hi,” said Donlad Trump
“Hi,” said Joe Delanie
“Hi,” said Ted Cruz

The first question of the tonight is what to do when your sick.

“You should go to the hospital!” said Burney, like a moron.

“You idiot. You should not go to the hospital” said Maryanne Williamson, “especially if your sick. You should eat you’re vegetables and do a goodnight sleeping!”

“Yes,” said Delainey. “Too go two the hospitals costs to many dollars.”

“When I am in charge” said Camela Harrison, the hospitals will not cost so amny dollars"

“They will be free!” said Bernlie Sanders.

“They are not so free” siad Ted Cruz, “because the tax moneys go inside them”

“Oh.” Said Bernlie. “I did not know that.”

“Speaking about the Tax money, will people spend more of it?”

“Yes” said Berney. People want to do more taxes.

“No” said Mr. Hickenplooper.

“Let’s change the subject. Should mexico be allowed?”

Donald Trump woke up and said:

“Illegalized immigrantions should not do jobs for America. I will take the jobs out of China, and put them inside America, and illegally immigrants will not do them! Mexico will pay for it. We should build a wall”

“Mr. Trump. You put people in your concentrating camps. Is that ok?”

“They are not concentrating camps. Democrats just don’t give the dollars for to make them good. But they are good. I would love to live in a concentrating camp. They are like fancied hotels!”

“Ok” siad the question man.

“I also want to build concentrating camps too” said Jow Biden, “but they should be smaller.”

“Let’s talk about climate changing.” Said the question man.

“Climate change bad” said President Buttjudge.

“Ok, let’s move on.” said the question man. “Should we shoot people”

“We should not shoot people” said Camala Harris. “Only police officers should shoot them.”

“Yes, said Joe Biden.”

“I got a D- in gun school” said Burnly Sanders.

“No. To shoot people is not so nice” said Mary Anne Williams. “Instead, you should give people a big kiss and hugs”

“That is homosexually! Said Ted Cruz”

“I agree” said President Buttjudge. “But I will not shoot anyone.”

“Should we forgave students moneys?”

“Yes,” said Berlin Sanders “students do not have very many dollars so they should not give them back if they borrowed them.”

“No,” said Jow Biden. Moneys are for the government and not to pey taxes.

“Students should be gave their money to them if they severed in the armies and are at least 40 years old and have been give an award for public servation and if are businesses that help thousands of hobos everyday and don’t get any monies from the governmenting or privatized sectors and have never got any traffic tickets or broked an laws but have been put in jail for political prisons and got a presidentially pardoned from the king of France.” said Camala Harris.

“I am any armee soldier” said Tulsi Gabbard.

“Pokeymon Go to the polls” said Hillary.

“Whose in favor of to put Hillarity Clinton in jail” said Donlad Trump.

All of the presidents raised they’re hands, and the question man, and the audiences.

Steven Universe

Steven is a 10 year old boy that lives in the universe. That is why they were called it "Steven’s Universe.

One day, steven went for on a mission. “Steven!” said Perl. He teleported at the mountain and killed 10,000 corrupted gems. Then he eats his cookie cat and put it within his cheeseburger’s backpack.

On the way home, he was arrest!

“Sorry Mayor Dewey’s Orders” said Onion, whose police officer of Beech County. Steven did not use his powers for to breaking free, because he does hurt people. He has a star on his own belly, like Batman.

Onion took Steven all the across Beech City to mayor Dewey’s palace. The guards stepped aside when Onion does the secret handsigns, and they went straight to the thrown room.

Mayor Dewey was very angrily. His crown was barely staying on top of him because he was so shaking. Onion let go of steven, and then he bowed.

“How darest thou!” said Mayor Dewey. “Thou hast eating all the Cookey Cats in Beach Village!”

“No” said Steven.

“The only way for to make it up is to bring about me Red Diamond’s Gem!”

“Ok” said steven. Then he went back inside his room.

“Hi” said amethist.

Steven likes to plays video games, so he was doing that. Connely is his girlfriend.

A few hours later, Red Diamond came to the temple. “Hi Steven” she said want to go the big donut? Gems are not able to eat like people but they like to go to the big donut store to say hi to lars and Sandy. Amethyst came too but not perl because they were busy doing Tai chi.

“Ok” said Steven so they went to the big donut.

“Hi steven” said Saddie. Lars is grumpy because he is a teenager.

Steven was also grumpy, because he was sad that he had to kill Red Diamond. He took out his shield and then threw it at Red diamond. Like a frisbee. She caught it and said “steven whats the meaning of these tihng?” steven said “I’m sorrily but the mayor Dewey says that I have to bring him you’re Gem.”

But Red Diamond just laughed and then broke in half. She was now too people, but no gems!

“Oh no” said mayor Dewer. “I guess I can’t get Red Diamond Germs now!” So everyone shook hands.

Then a spaceship appeared. It was white and shaped like a diamond and also covered in diamonds. Oh no! Said Perl! That is the white diamond’s spcae ship! The home worlds must be attacking.

Steven through his fresbee again but just bounced off. Oh no.

“We are destroying the earth and turn it into big gem.” said the white diamond. Then she threw cannons at the crystal gems. But steven turned into a bubble made of pink to protect.

Meanwhile Paris and Lapidus where going on a date.

“The only way to stop White diamong is for everyone to fuse together!” So Perl and Amethyist fused and turned into Opine and Steven and Amethyist fused and turned into smoke and Ruby and Emerald fused and turned into Red Diamond and Steven and Mayor Dewey fused and turned into Stewie and Red Diamond an Connie fused and turned into Readily and and Opine and Stewie fused and turned into Supine and Supine and Amethyst fused and turned into Sadie and Sadie and Lars fused and turned into Slarsy and all the members of the town and all the crystal gems and they’re friends fused into one big Gem named Rainbow Diamond. She fired a rainbow beam at all the white diamonds and she was defeated. Hurray?

Then Steven and the crystal gems and Rainbow Diamond and all the Beach Island peoples ate the Big Donut and did not even offer any to white Diamond.

The end.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vamprie Slayer is a girl who slays vampries and goes to school.

“Hello Willow. Said buffy.”

Zander rowwed up on his scateboard and said what’s up dudes. But he was so distracted by buffy that he crashed his scatebaord into the tree.


It’s time for chemistry class, so Zander, Willow, Cordeelya, Jonathon, Angel, and Gills went their and filled they’re test tubes with green water.

“Your the new girl, aren’t you” said Willow to buffy.


After class buffy went to the library, where Gills lives.

“Hello Gills”

“Hello buffy. Your looking for this, aren’t you” and he gave her a spooky book.

“No I’m not going to slay vampries anymore. You slay them yourself.”

“Ok. said gills”

That night, everyone went to the Bronze, which is a Nun club. There was a loud music and some people their. Suddenly, the music stopped and a vamprie walked onto the stage.

“I am a vamprie.” he said. They’re were lots of screaming then.

But then buffy appeared.

"No. She said. Then she jump onto the stage and started fighting the vamprie. Buffy started punching him, so he shot lightning out of his hand. But buffy was lightning-proof, so he turned into a dust.

The next day at school, the whole school was talking about what happened. Everyone forgot the whole thing!

Underground, there were 5 or 8 vampries. One of them was an the uglier of them all, so he was the master. He was very mad, because he wanted that if the vampries drunk enough blood he would be allowed outside.

“The slayer” he said? There was a little boy their too.

“I want to slay vampries too” said willow and zander.

"No, said buffy. Only girls can slay vampries.

That’s not fare, they said, but they’re was no arguing about it. So they looked at the computer instead.

“How do I save” said Cordyla?

“Delivery” said willow.

Then cordyla deleted the computer.

Buffy had to go save marc from the vampries. Zander bought along a fleshlight.

“Be quite” said buffy. Zander told lots of jokes, so the vampries heared them and ran up the stares to eat their brains. But buffy slayed them all. Marc was a vamprie two though, so it was no good.

Back at school, the principle snieder was upset.

“Hear at Sunnyville Academy, we don’t an slay vampires during the school day.”

But it was an emergyence. Said Buffy. But it was too late. She had to go baack to class.

“The world is doom. Said gills”


One day, Mrs. Bumbleton went to see the doctor. She walked into his office and had a big belly.

"Doctor I think I'm pregnent" she said.

"Well, we'll haf to haf a looksie" said le docteur. He took out his telescpoe and put it in Mrs. Bumbletons butt.

"Sâcré Bléü!" said the doctor. "Zat is not a bébé! Zat is a pôkémòn!"

"Ok." said Mrs. Bumbleton. "Can I have an abortion?"

"Right away, madame, nOo problème" said the doctor. He took out his chainsaw and gave Mrs. Bumbleton an abortion. Then he took out his cash register and said "Zat will be five hundered golden dinars."

"But I don't have 500 golden dinars" screamed Mrs. Bumbleton. "I only have 499." because it is impossible to carrt more than 499 gold dinars.

"Zen we'll haf to undo your abortion" said the doctor. So he took out his chainsaw and unded her abortion. The next day the doctur, Mr. Bulbeton, and there newborn son Pikachoo were at Mrs. Bumbleton's funeral.

"I'm glad mommy didn't have enough diners too buy the cancer removal, said peeckatshu" because then I would have been abortioned.

Welcome to the Republican party said Dad.


Adorna and Catra live in the Golden Hoard. One day Adrona was lying in her bunk bed with Catra on top of her when they're mom Shadow weaver walked in and said "Ardona, come with me" with a very spooky look on her. Oh no am I in trouble said Aordna but Shadow Weaver just wanted to tell her to be forced captain. Phew.

The next day Ardona and Catra went outside and Anorda realized that the Golden Hoard are the bad guys. Uh Oh. So she decided to become She-Ra and Catra broke up with her.

The next day Aondra, Glimmer, and Bow were having a tea party.

"How did you became a princess said Mermissy" the small talker.

"I use to be a boy but now I'm a princess said Perfuma.

Ok. Said Mermissy.

"Wow" said Ordana that sounds complicated.

It was but not too much because I was a support group with double trouble.

"My parents are homo sexual" said Bow.

"What?" said Gilmer "I met your dads and had no idea they were homosexual.

I've never even met a real homosexual before "said Oardna"

Suddenly Catra was there and she looked extreme anger.

"Hey Odonra. Why are you having a tea party?!"

"It's just for fun" said Oondra.

Then Captain Adventure started singing a song about Adventure and Mermissy was so embarrasing that she turned the whole tea party into a water party.

Lord Hordak and Enchaptra were playing video games. Lord Hordak is mad because Enechptra always plays as Kirby snd steals all his powers.

"Next time I get to be Kirby!" said Hordak angirly.

"Sorry Hordak" said Eneptchrea, "but you have to be Luigi."

"UGGH! Can I at least be Princess Peach?" said Hordak. "I've always wanted to play a girl character."

"No. You have to be Luigi in this game." said Encheptera "But you can play Princess Peach in real life if you want to."

Then Emily came over and started licking Enechptra and Hordak's face.

Princess scorpia woke up and looked at the picture of Catra on her bedside table. "I have to do something" she said. So she went into Shadow Weaver's Palace and ate the black garnet. The blank garnet didn't mind because she's not a person, that's a different shoe.

Meanwill, Catra had Ornoad pinned to the ground. They were both panting because they were very tired from all the time they spent with each other fighting.

Then Scorpia appeared and said "what's the meaning of these?"

Catra was so suprisingly that she fell off of Aoarnd. "It's not what it looks like" she said.

"For the powers of Grey Skull" said Andorra. Then Arnodda turned into She-Ra.

"Wow you're so pretty" said Catra and Scorpia.

"There's no reason to fight" said She-Ra.

The next day was Catra, Scorpia, and Androna's wedding."

Bow was the best man because they didn't know any other men.