Now that Brexit has finally happened, here's what I expect the map of Europe will look like in ten years. This is especially important to keep in mind for Americans planning to go back to Europe.

A map of Europe in which the EU has transformed 
		into the “European Federal Republic” and grown to include Norwary, 
		the former Yugoslav states, Turkey, Belarus, and Ukraine, including Crimea. 
		Poland is no longer included and is now “Fourth Reich.” A new country called
		“Transsexual Transylvania” appears in what is today Hungary and Western Romania.
		In the British Isles, Scotland and London have both become independent countries.
		Ireland has been reunited, and the Western half of England/Wales has broken off
		and, along with Brittany, has formed a new country called the “Brittonic Union.”
		The United Kingdom has been renamed “The United Kingdom of East England” on 
		account of its reduced territories.

Yes, Switzerland is going to get slightly bigger in every direction. That's just common sense.