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How I wrap myself in shadows that the light evade my skin
Oh how firm is my encasement and how stiff I rest therein

I must hide the foul appearance of my form and of my frame
On the world I look with envy, on myself with naught but shame

For there sounds in every feature of my habitude and gait
of one language that is foreign, and another that I hate

How I suffer from the features and I shudder at the tone
of the man who lodged himself within my blood and in my bone

And I feel a grim complacence that I might forever pause
in the memory of my loss: the little girl I never was

But while hand of Fate does close around my childhood, in strife
I must not let it extend to the the totality of life

Thus I write this exortation to myself, but from afar:
take the courage you most hold to be the woman that you are

Shout the words, however strange, and pierce the shadows, break the shell
Walk through Limbo, find your Earth, be not content escaping hell