Games I like

I like strategy and games with a high degree of story characterization, especially those with queer and psychological themes. I also prefer games that are Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS).

Coming out simulator 2014

This tells the partially-true story of one of my favorite game developers' experience coming out to their parents as bisexual.

FLOSS, Web, Queer, Story-Driven, Visual Novel

The Battle for Wesnoth

Make sure to check out the campaigns by Iris "shikadiqueen" Morelle, starting with Invasion from the Unknown

FLOSS, Strategy

L’Abbaye des Morts

FLOSS, Action, Religion

One night, hot springs

Npckc's visual novel trilogy, also including last day of spring and spring leaves no flowers

Gratis, Queer, Story-Driven, Visual Novel

Secret Little Haven

Queer, Story-Driven, Visual Novel

Fran Bow

Psychological, Story-Driven, Point & Click

Others: Undertale Crusader Kings III Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher