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Below are some ideas that many people, including me, would at first glance consider ridiculous or evil. However, I think a strong argument could be made for all of them – and that at least some might be true. I’ve tried to give the strongest version of each position, so in some cases there are a lot of qualifications and nuances. However, I am not trying to give a detailed argument in support of any of these positions here – simply to list them.

I’ve deliberately attempted to come up with ideas that I personally find distasteful in some way and which are unpopular among people with similar options to mine. I hold a lot of opinions that are unpopular in the general population but basically par for the course in my particular social circles (e.g. open borders). If you’re trying to get an idea of what I’m like and whether I’m a good person, this is not what you should read.

By the way, I wrote this just before Paul Graham came out with an essay about “heresy,” which I didn’t read and don’t plan to. Paul Graham is a rich, pretentious asshole; if you’re trying to place me somewhere in your internal map of concept-space, I hope you’ll put me somewhere on the opposite side from him. It was not from him, but from Dynomight that I got the idea for this post.

Everything here is uncomfortable in some way, but I’ve put click-to-show content warnings on what I think are the most so, all of which are at the end.

The Heresies

CW: Genocide
CW: Uncomfortable for men, especially trans men (and some other transmasc people)
CW: Uncomfortable for trans people, especially trans women.
CW: Pedophilia
CW: Genetics and Intelligence