Astarte’s Magic Journal

What is Magic?

Magic is the invocation of symbols, primarily from myth and folklore, for practical purposes. In the past, it fulfilled roles now largely taken over by science. For instance, witches who studied the magical properties of herbs often produced useful remedies that provably work. While magic is still sometimes used in these capacities, today it is used mainly for psychological purposes .

Magic cannot violate the laws of nature . For instance, it's impossible for magic to transform your physical sex¹. It is, however, possible to use magic to explore your identity and give yourself the confidence to transition.


I love sigil magic because it's easy to get started with, easy to share, and easy to afford. Here are some of my personal sigils:


¹Some scam artists try to sell fake magical items that purport to change your sex or increase your natural production of estrogen/testosterone. Do not buy these with any expectation that they will do anything to change your biology.