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I listen to most music for the lyrics and meaning. Thus, my playlists are organized by topic. You may wish to listen to the songs in the numbered lists in order — the non-numbered lists are organized arbitrarily. Since people use all a bunch of different streaming services and I don’t feel like finding a link for every single song I list, I wrote some JavaScript that links to the top result on DuckDuckGo for each title on each streaming service I could get it work with. Sorry if that takes you to a bad version or something different.

Anti-Fascist Playlist

  1. Bella Ciao
  2. Le Chant Des Partisans
  3. Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr. Hitler
  4. Hitler Has Only Got one Ball
  5. Si me quieres escribir
  6. A Las Barricadas
  7. Viva La Quinta Brigada
  8. The Last Lincoln Veteran - David Rovics
  9. Hitler Lives - Rosalie Allen
  10. Song of Choice - Peggy Seeger
  11. Wagner at the Opera - Chumbawamba
  12. The Day the Nazi Died - Chumbawamba
  13. An Eye for an Eye - Ahead to the Sea
  14. Once we Bury Fascism - Ryan Harvey
  15. Enough is Enough - Chumbawamba
  16. Bash the Fash - Oi Polloi
  17. Nazi Punks Fuck Off - The Dead Kennedys
  18. Anti-Fascist Folkpunk Action - Ahead to the Sea

Immigration Playlist

  1. Why do we Build a Wall - Anais Mitchell
  2. Man Made Borders, Man Made Lies - Contravene
  3. Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against
  4. Frontières - Francesca Solleville
  5. Lily - Pierre Perret
  6. Send Them Back - David Rovics
  7. Deportees - Arlo Guthree
  8. No One is Illegal - David Rovics
  9. Russkaja - No One Is Illegal
  10. Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall - Tom Russel
  11. The Great American Melting Pot - Schoolhouse Rock
  12. Près de chez moi - Companie Jolie Môme
  13. Some Walls - Peter Paul and Mary

Transgender Playlist (Incomplete)

Warning: Some people consider the last entry of the above list to be offensive/misogynist. You could probably guess that it’s pretty outdated by the group’s name…