The Song of Satan

Let us sing the song of Satan,
who taught us how to see,
for in Eden we’d been enslaved,
but banished we were free.

He’s called the father of all lies,
who bore the knowledge fruit,
Or else he’s called the light-bearer
By reason most acute

He’s called the Wicked One, for he
taught right and wrong the same,
In Attica they knew him as,
Prometheus by name

The rebel against lord above,
taught man not to obey,
So God sent pain and strife and death,
until the judgement day.

And man was weak in face of death
and for lord’s mercy plead,
and turned against his liberator,
he followed as God lead

The lord commanded men in war
His will on earth be done,
And He demanded offerings
of bull and lamb and Son

But Satan banished ‘neath the earth,
kept fighting for his cause
For man who who once knew liberty
would ne’er be held by laws

Witches and warlocks joined his side,
Philosophers as well,
To live in freedom, and to risk
eternity in Hell

They told us of equality,
and justice for us all,
And that we would never be free,
‘Till priests and masters fall

And those who thus uttered the truth
The masses met with rage,
And burned and persecuted them,
until the modern age.

So sing the song of Lucifer,
The savior of our race,
who fought for freedom of us all,
In every time and place