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This site is where I set aside the fears I have in Real Life™ and show what I've got with zero shame.

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Use free software 🐧🐂 and privacy-respecting services. Take ownership of your data 💽:

Do not use Library Genesis or Z-Library to download illegal copies of books 📚 🏴‍☠️. It's better not to read a book at all than to read a pirated copy. Remember, copyright lasts 75 years after the author's death — to incentivize creative progress, of course.

Go Vegan 🥦. If there's just one food stopping you 🧀, try being vegan except for that one food.

If you care about animal suffering but aren't yet ready to give up all meat, start by giving up chicken ❌🐓. Chickens are subject to worse conditions and provide less food per death than large mammals.

I don't believe that there is any ethical level of meat or dairy consumption, but the less you eat, the better you're doing. No one is perfect, and diet is just one moral challenge we all face among many. I'm proud of you for each step you take. 💚

If you're not sure if you're trans 🏳️‍⚧️, find a way to try out different pronouns and see how they make you feel. I realized I was a woman based on the warm glowy feeling in my chest I got when people first called me "she."